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- johndunham - 10-17-1999 10:24 AM

I would like some feedback if anyone has tasted the 63 Martinez Vintage or
Rosemount Old Benson...



- OportoRAH - 10-21-1999 09:12 AM

Martinez made an awful 1963 and I would avoid it if you have not already purchased this bottling. Actually, Martinez has made only 3 or 4 VPs in the past 50 years that are worth drinking (1994, 1985, 1970, 1967)the '94 and '67 are both nice wines. Martinez is now imported by Stimson Lane here in WA. They are known for Chateau Ste. Michelle, Columbia Crest, Villa Mt. Eden amongst others. A little known fact...their parent company is US Tobacco!

Roy...the Porto guy