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- n144mann - 02-19-1999 04:02 PM

Do any of you know how consistant the Ficklin port is?? I have had it twice, once thought it was quite good, the second time thought it was quite bad. The second time it was very raisiny and much tooo much alcohol taste as compared to the sweet fruit. IS this typical or did I just get a bad bottle??
Thanks for the info

- Bucko - 02-20-1999 12:34 AM

Ficklin is one of the best CA Ports around IMHO. Good quality/price ratio. Sounds like you might have gotten an off bottle.


- n144mann - 02-20-1999 11:02 AM

Hey thanks, I thought they had a good rep becuase the first bottle had been given by a friend who has VERY good taste in wine. Didn't think he would give something that was going to be a questionable drink.

Thanks again

- Jerry D Mead - 02-24-1999 05:36 AM

If you want to try a really good California style Port...check out Quady 1990 "Starboard"...just named Best New World Dessert Wine trophy winner at the New World International.


- n144mann - 02-24-1999 09:46 AM

Hmmm sounds good! What is the price point and how available is it??

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- Jerry D Mead - 02-26-1999 12:08 AM

N144...Re availability...I don't know where you live, but it generally has good availability through wine specialty stores.

Frontline retail on Quady Starboard 1990 is $20 and change


- Bucko - 02-26-1999 02:52 AM

The Quady was amazing for a New World Port. It fooled a lot of us in the NWIWC competition. Well worth the dollars.


- n144mann - 02-26-1999 10:38 AM

Well I live in Minnesota (gag) Why the Mayo brothers wanted to put the Mayo Clinic here I will never understand. Somewhere WARM seems a much better choice! But, because the clinic is here, we have some $$$ in the community and we do have a variety of stores. I'll be sure to look for it, can always go to Minneapolis if I am unable to find it in Rochester.

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- n144mann - 02-26-1999 10:43 AM

Hey, what would you guys recommend for a Tawny Port in the $20-$30 dollar range? Father-in-law likes the stuff, I don't have any knowledge about Tawnys, but thought it would make a good gift.

- Bucko - 02-26-1999 10:52 AM

Minnesota?! People ACTUALLY live there? ;-) Seriously, I've heard that it is a beautiful state, although I'm ashamed to admit that I have never visited.

Although it is arguable, many people who are Port affecianados say not to waste your money on 20 y/o and 30 y/o Tawny Ports - buy the 10 y/o Tawnies. I agree. There are many good ones out there. My personal favorite is Niespoort 10 y/o.