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- redsauced - 04-21-2006 10:56 PM

My local shop has this for $149.00, usually $200.00 or more. Thinking about an early Birthday present to myself. Is this worth it? Should I buy two? or three? or ten..........?

- TheEngineer - 04-21-2006 11:15 PM

If it is the 750mL bottling, then it is a fair price. If it is not, then K&L wines in San Francisco is selling them this week for $149 for the 750ml bottle. In general, this wine sells for between $200 to $300 at the 750mL size.(a bit higher in MA...)

BBR rated the vintage 9/10 and noted that it was a very good vintage, perhaps lacking the concentration of the 1996 (rated 10) but should drink very well into the next decade.

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