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- glennno - 07-19-2000 02:23 AM

Okay, I know Ravenswood makes at least 11 Zinfandels in 3 main categories; I've loved all the ones I've tried (except the low-end Vintners Blend), but don't know which of their top-end (i.e., "Vineyard Designated Series") ones I've had. Does anybody have knowledge & opinions about those Zins? Since these fall into the pricier category, I didn't want to experiment blindly! Thanks!

- Drew - 07-19-2000 05:37 AM

Glennno, the first thing you should do is try the Vinters Blend. Its a well made, tasty wine for little bucks. [img][/img]


- Innkeeper - 07-19-2000 08:15 AM

Welcome to the Wine Board Glennno. Drew might have missed the fact that you tried the Vinters Blend and didn't like it. Methinks you might give it another shot as Drew suggests. It is a great summer "hamburger" wine, and also holds up well with stronger stuff such as lamb. As far as how to explore the others, there are at least two schools of thought. This applies to the other two "Rs" as well; Ridge and Rosenblum. One is to go with the region you like. Are you partial to Dry Creek Zins, or to Alexander Valley, Medocino, or the Foothills? Sometimes the choice may be driven with what you are eating or sipping with it. Some regions, e.g. Foothills and Mendocino are know for "Big" Zins, while Napa and Alexander Valleys tend to the "Claret" styles. A second route is to read the reviews. Consecutive releases from all three of these wineries can be all over the map on quality, especially in relation to their brothers and sisters. Again, caution is advised when reading reviews. The best are frequently those without ratings such as Bucko's.

- Bucko - 07-19-2000 08:25 AM

There are four Rs:

Ridge - One of my favorite producers
Ravenswood - Too much VA for my palate
Rosenblum - Another fine producer
Rafanelli - Too much oak for me

Another terrific value wine is Cline, California -- around $10 and definitely worth it.


- Scoop - 07-19-2000 10:46 AM

And Renwood...and Rancho Zabaco (the 1997 Sonoma Heritage in particular)...Any more "R's" out there?


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- Drew - 07-19-2000 01:58 PM

Yes I did miss that point...sorry, it was 0 dark thirty when I posted....sleepless night.


- winoweenie - 07-19-2000 05:52 PM

A very fine small producer , Random Ridge " Old Wave " Zins, one of my Favorites green & RED,Rabbit Ridge,Blockheadia Ringnosi Zin,& Rombauer, just to name some I like. "R" R a popular starting pernt for meeny wines. So , Scoop ole` hard-writin` pal I`m sure there are many I`ve not heard startin` wif that letter. Winoweenie

- Innkeeper - 07-19-2000 06:17 PM

Hello. Is this a game of how many Zins that start with "R?" This started out with a legitimate question about Ravenswood, that makes a long string of Zins. I tried to give examples of wineries with similar strings, that happened to start with "R." I've shared a bottle of Argentine Malbec with Mrs IK tonight, but am not drunk enough to miss the point that some of you missed the point.

- winoweenie - 07-19-2000 06:27 PM

Scoop & Bucko, Now see what a FINE mess you`ve got us into. IK, it`s all their FAULT. I readily recognized that your reply was not only scholarly & accurate, but very sincere. PLEASE accept my humble. Hope the Pampas juice placates you to some measure. Winoweenie

- glennno - 07-19-2000 06:50 PM

Thanks everyone for your help! That was fast. (Yes, I've also noticed a strange R thing going on with Zin producers I've liked...) Will take all advice and then take to much drink. Woo hoo!


- chittychattykathy - 07-19-2000 10:47 PM

Have you all tried this years release of the vintners blend? I found it to be a big disappointment compared to years past! I don't even suggest it when I hand sell, alas, it sells tons on it's own anyway! As far as other Ravenswood Zins go, I prefer the Alexander Valley over the Napa, And the Sonoma above those two. (To add one more Zin, the Steele, DuPratt Zinfandel is... addictive!) [img][/img]

- Scoop - 07-21-2000 07:50 AM

Sorry, IK, just goofing off a bit. We've noted before on this Board the the fine association with Rs and good Zins -- couldn't resist.


- Innkeeper - 07-22-2000 06:52 AM

Thanks for the reminder Kathy. Picked up a 1997 Steele, DuPratt last night; and am saving it for Thanksgiving.

- Innkeeper - 07-24-2000 07:43 PM

Because of Kathy's dour posting about the Vinter's Blend, we opened a bottle of the 1998 tonight with some trepidation. It was fine. To be sure, I asked Mrs IK (she of the "European Palate") to taste more carefully. She said it was a very nice Zin, equal to the 1997 we had had out on Mother's Day, and that she wanted more (than her normal share). So this was just a feminist plot to get more than their share.

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- chittychattykathy - 07-24-2000 07:55 PM

Interesting, our tasting did include two past vintages of Ravenswood vinters blend, and a person who, lets say, "knows" Ravenswood as well. Glad that you found it to be good though, I do love their wines so, (for the most part [img][/img]. )

- Innkeeper - 04-10-2002 08:42 AM

This was such an interesting and fun thread, thought I'd revive it. Popped a '99 Ravenswood Vinters Blend last night with oven barbequed country ribs. It was smooth and luscious, and matched just right with the ribs.

- wondersofwine - 04-10-2002 11:12 AM

Ravenswood--too much VA? what's VA?

- Kcwhippet - 04-10-2002 12:58 PM

VA is volatile acidity - as in vinegar.

- Bucko - 04-10-2002 01:20 PM

I just tasted through the entire 99 Ravenswood line of Zins on Monday. I did not notice the VA this go around. Pretty nice line, BTW.

- winoweenie - 04-10-2002 05:01 PM

How many times has I tolt youse that salad 'aint a good complimunt fer drinkin' Zins? WW