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- AdvDirMkt - 01-03-1999 09:34 PM

95 Renwood, Old Vine - Red/purplish color, nice enough texture, but it sure tasted like burnt licorice and pepper to me. Plus the hot finish made it better after a meal, IMHO.

- SteveZ - 01-03-1999 10:56 PM


I had this wine a couple of times and felt the wine tasted cooked. Might be the same to someone else who called it "Burnt Licorice". Once a fan of this wine, I won't buy it again unless I hear rave reviews from people I trust.

Steve Manzi

- Botafogo - 01-04-1999 01:30 AM

Both the ownership and winemaker of this property have changed since the glory days of yesterday. If you want to taste something like the "old" Renwood, try former winemaker Scott Harvey's new wines from Folie a Deux, especially the Syrah.OR, for a lot less money, just about any good Primitivo di Manduria!

Cheers, Roberto