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- Woodman - 03-18-1999 08:51 AM

In the past week, I've had the Lodi, Amador and Vintners Blend -- all from 1997. Not a woofer in the bunch. For the second year in a row, the Lodi and Amador avoid the cooked, pruney flavors one sometimes gets from these areas, and the Amador is especially bright and "Dry Creeky" in profile. The Vintners Blend is one of the best in memory, but I think this is made in various locations (including Louis Martini) by contract, so my batch in Portland could be very different from yours in Peoria, Providence or Phoenix.

I recommend all of these unless you have to pay Portland prices. In addition to the usual taxes and high markups, Ravenswood is subject to Stupid Wholesaler Tricks so the wines wholesale for about the California suggested retail. The Vintners Blend sells for about $13 here through normal channels, I paid $9.50 for it at Costco and I'm sure I saw it at the supermarket in San Diego for $6.99.

- MikeE - 03-18-1999 02:58 PM

Woodman, I agree with your thoughts on the '97 R-wood Amador. It was a very bright, fruit-driven wine that was easy to drink but not with some of the Amador pruniness that can occur.