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- wondersofwine - 09-28-2006 10:42 AM

16% alcohol
Dense, dark purple-red color with pretty crimson glints on the rim. Nose of cassis and blackberries. Caresses the palate with savory dark berries and a longlasting elegant finish.
Once again the fruit essence conceals the high alcohol and there is no heat or burn from start to finish. Some fine tannins do not detract but go well with the broiled ribeye steak and steak sauce.
I have one more bottle of this vintage to anticipate.

- Bucko - 09-28-2006 03:18 PM

When does a black chicken get ripe? Do we really want to know?

Does a black chicken cross the road? Yes, but with 16% alcohol, it weaves a bit. I bet it is prettier than Verne in any case.


- wondersofwine - 09-29-2006 11:08 AM

The story is that during Prohibition days the Biale family sold eggs and chickens, etc. But they also made some wine. Those in the know would come to the house and ask for a "black chicken" and leave with some red wine.