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- Woodman - 01-06-1999 10:53 AM

Nice zinfandel, but nothing special. No better than the '95 Sonoma. Not worth the price, IMNSHO. Drink now.

- Enophile - 01-06-1999 08:29 PM

Bob, as you know, the Cooke is consistently my least favorite Raven SV Zin. I'm not a fan of overblown Turleyesque Zins, but the Cooke is just a little too lean and claret-style for me. Anyone find the Cookes to be their thing, and what do you enjoy about them?

- vitis - 01-17-1999 09:25 AM

From barrel the 96 Cooke showed great promise, on release it was really closed.
I haven't tried it since release but have a couple bottles in the cellar, maybe i'll crack one. Call me shallow, but I usually find the Dickerson to be my favorite on release, the eucolyptus always wins me over.