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- MikeE - 02-01-1999 10:30 AM

Until Saturday night, I thought that the best '93 Zin I'd tasted was Ravenswood's Belloni/Wood Road.. well, I now think that the Monte Rosso tops that one. This is a beautifully full flavored (raspberries, black berries), smooth, mouth-filling wine. My feeling is this one is at top form now, but I don't think that it's going downhill anytime soon.


- Woodman - 02-02-1999 02:10 AM

Mike, we had a '93 Monte Rosso Friday night at a pre-ZAP dinner. Unfortunately, it was overshadowed by some awesome wines ('87 Ridge Geyserville among others) so it didn't show well.........and it was my bottle so I'm embarrassed (well, just a little).

- MikeE - 02-02-1999 10:41 AM

Hey Rob, two thoughts on your '93 Monte Rosso

1) I'm sorry that it didn't show well, especially considering it was your bottle, but

2) I wish I was there to enjoy the '87 Geyersville and others that overshadowed it... must have been some great stuff!