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- winoweenie - 10-22-2000 07:53 AM

Jes` to set the record straight, My Son-In_Law and Daughter came over yesterday around Tea-Time and carried wif`-em some of the marvelous mesquite-broiled, Tri-Tip, Chicken, and Shrimp from Chuys`, our lil`jewel of a mexican jernt that`s like being on the veranda lookin` at the Sea of Cortez and all the fishermen docking with their catch of shrimp, lobster, Wahoo, etc, and it`s rite here in Sticker-City. To the pernt. I`ve posted on Freds` wines before so not to sermonize here goes, the Shale was amazing for a zin. Balanced, smooth, silky entry with fruit out the kazoo. Worked beautifully with the tri-tip. The Old and Mature has the stuffin` to make the fresh salsa sing.I can`t emphasize to any of you zin lovers who can get wine shipped to get on the futures program with the super-vintner. I drive to Sonoma to get mine. winoweenie Bucko, we had some zins yesserday !