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- winoweenie - 12-22-2001 08:21 AM

This inky moster of a wine is finally starting to show. Still opaque purple,and instead of the usual red fruit coming thru on the nose, it's black...Big dose of sweet oak on the nose, a lot of cinnamon, clove and white pepper. Big entry, a solid center and a long finish that is shut down by a massive tannin attact. This fruit must be the same that Beringer uses in their Howell Mtn bottling. Dern bottle thinks it's a cab. WW

- Drew - 12-22-2001 09:47 AM

I've never seen Liparita in this you know if it's distributed here?


- winoweenie - 12-23-2001 08:07 AM

Not sure Drew, but their Howell Cab is woth the search. Their WATS line is 800-LIPARITA. WW