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- class22 - 08-22-1999 05:36 PM

i bought a merlot by a company called CK MONDAVI is this wine any good i havent
drank it yet but i wanna know a little about it also i love red wines and i wanna try the
best red wine there is to try can you give me some help with that i dont care about
spending alot but if you would could you tell me the average prices of your

thanx robert

- Kcwhippet - 08-23-1999 06:08 AM

Go to There's an article about the Charles Krug Winery. CK Mondavi is a second label of Krug.


- Randy Caparoso - 08-23-1999 03:03 PM

Whether or not an expert tells you a wine is good, the only thing that matters is if it's good to you. Is it smooth and flavorful? Does it have a good, fresh taste? Does it satisfy your thirst and go with the foods that you eat?

Now that you've tried the C.K., I suggest that you try other $8-$12 Merlots (prices vary depending on store specials), and base your future buying decisions on what pleases you the most. It just so happens that my own job forces me to do a lot of research in this area, and so I can safely say that it may be worthwhile looking into the Chateau Julien and Taft Street brands from California. From Washington St., Waterbrook is fine and dandy. From Southern France, take a good, hard look at Vichon and Heron. From Italy, Falesco and Stella are delicious for the price. And from Chile, Santa Rita and Veramonte are as good as it gets in this price category.

You might want to just go to a store and do a mixed case (12 bottles) to get an extra 10% or so off. Try one a night or every other. It's not such hard work. But don't rely on my taste or anyone else's. Go your own way!

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- n144mann - 08-23-1999 03:32 PM

Class22....Randy gave you great advice.....

Wine is only a good wine if it pleases you. While reviews are quite helpful, and can point you in the direction of a wine that may interest you, they are by no means the last word on what you will or will not like. So taste taste taste, every chance you get, and keep notes on the ones you like and why. Expect your tastes to change and mature as you do is normal. Soon you will be at ease with choosing what you like, and what you like to serve it with, but don't stop there.....there is always one more wine to try, and one more thing to try it with.

Enjoy the is half the fun...maybe more!!