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- Drew - 12-02-2001 09:28 AM

My wife is a member of the Baltimore Orioles Advocates and we attended our first Christmas party of the season last night at her best friend’s house with many other Advocates in attendance. Most of the wines offered were white zin and the like, no wine drinkers at this party, but I did spy and get a chance to sample the above wine. Notes obviously are from memory. Dark color, not opaque. Very nice "aged" nose of dark dried fruits, leather and earthy scents and looming oak. Complex layered like flavors with some chocolate notes with hugh oak and a rather harsh and hot long finish. Didn't really enjoy this and wonder if this wine can come together with a little aging, the oak is quite overwhelming and not food friendly at this stage. BTW, I did get to meet and speak with two favorite Baltimore Orioles from the past. Elrod Hendricks and Lee May (The Big Bopper)! Elrod is a current bull pen coach with the Orioles and Lee is a first base coach with the Devil Rays. It was a very nice evening but I ate too much.


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