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- winoweenie - 03-17-2001 08:25 AM

Boy is this a brute of a merlot. Dense, chewy, black fruit comes from the glass like my morning molassas. The nose has a spicy character that's almost rhone-like yet still the merlot fragrance comes thru. Considerable tannins are still evident, so anyone with these babes should IMHO forget them for another 2-3 years.Saw DDF's post on the Spring Mtn cab thread. This sucker is not to be confused with Bobs' Pride merlots that are polished and suave. WW

- Bucko - 03-17-2001 10:02 AM

Sounds like one to avoid like the plague....


- winoweenie - 03-17-2001 07:09 PM

I liked it tehetehetehe WW