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- Drew - 04-25-2000 04:30 AM

Could someone provide TN's on the 1997 Carmen Reserve Merlot from Chile? Thanks


- mrdutton - 04-25-2000 07:02 AM

I can not offer my personal notes on the wine but this is what Wine Spectator says:

1997 Merlot Rapel Valley Reserve - 89 points - Highly Recommended - A lush and ripe Chilean red, offering deep plum, licorice and chocolate flavors, yet remaining lively on the palate, with polished tannins and a clean, fresh finish. It's focused and concentrated enough to improve with age.Drink now through 2007. (10000 cases produced)

- Drew - 05-18-2000 11:01 PM

For anyone interested, we popped the bottle tonight and here are the Tn's. Medium body, dark clear color. The nose is very oakey, similar to a Gallo cab, as a matter of fact the oak is very prominent. Very ripe flavors of cassis, plum and earth with a medium to long earthy finish. Soft tannins. Not an exciting wine, could have more upfront fruit IMHO.


- Drew - 05-20-2000 09:14 AM

Well, day 2....after the first glass of Carmen I put her away, using vacu vin. The next night after work opened her up and wow! what a difference. The oak had subsided and some fruit moved in. Very enjoyable. I may just have to invite Carmen back in the future and let her breath a little longer than 1 hour.


- winecollector - 05-20-2000 10:25 AM

I've always been of the opinion, when a wine does that to me, I should have let it age longer. When I opened one of my 82' Bordeaux's from St. Emilion, it took about a week for the fruit to be what it should. Am I mistaken about continuing to age them? Or am I neglecting the need to decant?