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- PackRat707 - 08-10-2005 02:47 AM

I have a 1996 magnum of August Sebastiani Merlot. The lable on the front of the bottle looks like it is for show cause of the imbossing. I just wanted to know if it is a good bottle or not. Thanks!

- winoweenie - 08-10-2005 06:44 AM

Time to get some friends over and pop the cork on that sucker. WW

- jmcginley1 - 08-11-2005 11:44 PM

I don't expect this wine to be dead, but I wouldn't suggest holding onto it any longer. Sebatiani does a lot of resturant business, and consequently, makes their wines drinkable early on, rather than making them in an ageing friendly style.

Larger bottles age slower, so you magnum should still be fine, but I'd recommend popping that cork sooner than later.

And I will say, in the realm of cheaper cali merlot, Sebatiani makes a very elegant wine for the price. Enjoy!

- PackRat707 - 08-12-2005 02:19 AM

Thanks for all the feed back I'll pop it open and tell if its good or not. How do you tell if its bad or not?

- wondersofwine - 08-12-2005 06:33 AM

If it has a nice nose (aroma) and taste, then it's okay. If it smells moldy or tastes flat (no fruit left) or has turned more brown than red, those are signs it may be over-the-hill or oxidized. (A wet cardboard smell may indicate that the cork has failed or that TCA is present).