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- Emma Burgess - 12-30-2000 07:35 AM

Doe's anyone know anything about the following wine?

Chateau Les Fontenelles

Many thanks

- Thomas - 12-30-2000 10:21 AM

Emma, that is a vague question. Can you be specific?

- Emma Burgess - 12-30-2000 04:12 PM

[quote]Originally posted by foodie:
[b]Emma, that is a vague question. Can you be specific?[/b][/quote]

Thanks for responding.
I just meant that I have been given this bottle of Merlot (label reads: Chateau Les Fontenelles, 1999 Bergerac Appelation Begerac controlee, Famille Bourdil-Gaec Les Fontenelles Proprietaire a St. Julien D'emyet - Dordogne , France)and don't know whether to hold it, drink it or cook with it. Any help would greatly appreciated.

- Thomas - 12-31-2000 04:57 AM

I am not familiar with that particular wine, but assume it was produced to be consumed young, as is the case these days with many of the lesser French regional wines. I suppose a year or two rest wouldn't hurt it, but opening it now might also give you some pleasure, and if you hate it, you can always cook with it.

Perhaps someone else has had experience with this product.