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- brappy - 06-01-2006 08:45 PM

Tasted some unbelievable wines a couple of days ago. Of the 50 or so tasted, a few stood out. I do want to say during the tasting, only 1 or 2 I didn't care for. Not a bad percentage of great wines in a tasting.

The Stand-outs:

2 Hands Lily's Garden: I always enjoy the Garden series from 2 hands. Last year, I liked the Bella's Garden the best although it was a tough call. The '04 is even better than the '03 and that's the same with Lily's Garden. The Lily's Garden was only better this year because of a slight edge at being better balanced.

2 Hands Aerope: Grenache flagship wine from 2 hands. Big, bold, great fruit, a nose you didn't want to back out of; Good stuff!

2 Hands Aires(sp): The grenache flagship wine, sweet Barossa fruit, a finish that wouldn't stop; etc., etc.

2 Hands Aphridites(sp): The Cabernet Sauv flagship from 2 Hands, A small tinge of the green (I'm very sensitive to this) in the nose but when this hits the palate, the fruit, coming from Barossa, is juicy and sweet which turns the green in the nose into just one more layer of complexity the wine exhibits. Beautiful stuff.

Branson Coach House Shiraz: A truly stunning effort; Great nose; Great palate; Long Luscious finish; just pure great fruit.

Branson Coach House Cabernet: I can't say enough about this wine. There is one thing I can say without hesitation: I found not one thing wrong with this wine. This is the youngest wine I've ever had a "Wine Moment" with.

Other wines we were tasting but not from Oz I'll post in the correct area. Watch out for the '04 wines coming out of Oz, especially the Barossa. Another side note for all of you alcoholphobes, all of these wines were 15% or more apv. None of these wines were out of balance, IMHO.


Edit: Sorry, all of the wines above are '04s

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- winoweenie - 06-03-2006 09:05 AM

Great notes Brapster. Will put these suckers on the "must buy" agenda. WW