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- Enophile - 01-11-1999 09:06 PM

1997 Brancott Vineyards, Sauvignon Blanc, Reserve - A winery I haven't seen before, so I thought I'd give this $17 New Zealand wine a try. Very intense nose, but it's intense cat pee (no, you can't even use the
gooseberry here, it's CAT PEE!) and cooking asparagus, with some grapefruit and herbal notes. Fruitier in the mouth, with very nice grapefruit flavors, some apple, but there's still lots of cooking asparagus, cat
pee and herbal flavors. An extreme style that's even too over the top for someone that enjoys some herbal/cat pee notes in Sauvignon Blanc. Approx..84-85.

- Bucko - 01-11-1999 10:04 PM

My grandpappy used to say "A little cat pee goes a long way." He was not from NZ.


- Enophile - 01-12-1999 08:15 PM

Not from New Zealand? Hell, he wasn't even from this PLANET!!