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- BamKen - 06-28-2000 06:17 PM

I was recently given a 1995 Luce Della Vite Toscana red wine by Frescobaldi and Mondavi bottled in Montalcino, Italy. I was told its a rare vintage and worth close to $750. Is this correct? I enjoy wine but had no idea the one I had was so expensive. Can you please help? Thank you!

- Innkeeper - 06-28-2000 06:33 PM

Hi, and welcome to the Wine Board. Don't know the answer to your question, but one thread at a time please.

- BamKen - 06-29-2000 01:46 AM

Hi - thanx for reply. But lost on what you mean by "one thread at a time"? Sorry not sure what I did wrong.

- Innkeeper - 06-29-2000 04:08 AM

You have the same post up under Collectables.