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- Botafogo - 01-03-1999 12:08 AM

When I try to get back to a point where I can look at all the folders, I use the GO button to go to "general" but it only includes the numbered boards (101, 102, ect) and not "Italian Wines" or "Pinot Noir". I can get all the folders by using my bookmarks in the browser to go to the splash screen but is this the way it is supposed to be?

Confused, Roberto

- Jackie - 01-03-1999 12:56 AM


Are you seeing the icons at the top of the page that show you the "tree" structure. You should always be able to go back to the main forum page by clicking there from within any topic. I hope this is showing up on your browser. Yes??

- WA Wino - 01-03-1999 12:57 AM

Roberto: Instead of using the 'Go' button to go to a specific forum, look up to the very top of the screen, where you'll see the hierarchy of where you are. Just click on the 'Forums @' level, and it will take you to the main screen which includes General, Resources, and the wine specific forums.

- WA Wino - 01-03-1999 12:59 AM

Damn, she beat me by 1 minute!