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- Innkeeper - 12-03-2001 08:10 PM

1999 Tobin James, Paso Robles, Amore, Dolcetto. This came out with their fall shipment in October. It was low production, and they said at that time they only had eight cases left (1-805-239-2204).

If you can get it, do. Had to fight Mother for my share. Hopefully they will grow more in the future. It is full bodied (14.2% alcohol), but soft; and like all Dolcettos, low in acid. It is a luscious fruit driven wine that would go with almost any food I could imagine. Don't think it could possibly improve with age. It is terrific. Had it with the leftover Turkey Tetrazzini tonight, and matched wonderfully.

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- Thomas - 12-03-2001 08:21 PM

So, what was the cost?

- Innkeeper - 12-03-2001 09:29 PM

Regular price is $16.00.