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- Innkeeper - 10-02-2002

2000 Salvatore Molettieri, Irpinia (IGT), Aglianico, Cinque Querce ($15 Is-Wine). For those who may not be competeley familiar with Aglianico, it is an ancient grape believed to have Greek roots that dates from Roman times in South Central Italy.

It is a lusty, earthy, full bodied red (14.5% alcohol) that one can quaff while watching the chariot races. It has none of the problems a wine like this can have. It is not hot, the tannins are smooth, and the fruit holds its own. It matched slendidly with broiled Italian sausages with penne in freshly made pesto; and plum tomato halves topped with vinaigrette, buffalo mozzarella, and chopped basil. Simply wonderful.

- wondersofwine - 10-02-2002

Sounds yummy!

- Innkeeper - 10-02-2002

Enjoyed the food leftovers with a Sam Adams Octoberfest brew for lunch.

- winedope1 - 10-02-2002

do you send care packages, IK??

- scimmiatinit - 10-03-2002

This producer is best known for the Taurasi which brings the same name (5 Querce) of his "smaller" brother. Taurasi is the only DOCG of Campania (must be obtained with at least 90% of Aglianico ) and among the many producers of this tipology Molettieri can be considered a traditionalist in style. This Taurasi is a "massive" (with tannins and acidity much more aggressive even if well balanced at same time)and incredible experience. The price, maybe in the States won't be that affordable, but this is the kind of wine worth to be tasted.
Ciao Fabio

- wondersofwine - 10-03-2002

Thanks for the added information. Are you involved in the wine industry or mainly a wine consumer?

- Thomas - 10-03-2002

We have also carried the Taurasi at is-wine. I like the Irpinia better. In addition, we had a lot of problems with Taurasi and leaking corks

- scimmiatinit - 10-04-2002

I write "for free" for some indipendent webmagazines available unfortunately only in Italian...

Ciao Fabio

- Thomas - 10-04-2002

You write for free? Why?

- scimmiatinit - 10-06-2002

..because I cannot find anyone to pay for my articles,easy !!!... but maybe this is my fault since I have not too much time to promote myself, contact the right persons and create myself other opportunities.
I am very busy with my everyday - job (ImportExport Textiles).
The other night at a wine tasting another guy asked me to write for their winewebsite, the first thing he said was "..of course You understand we are a very small association at the moment, we cannot pay any money for your help..."
Anyway I don't care, I LOVE WINE and before or later somethin' could happen ! If not I will survive ...
Ciao to everybody out there !

- Thomas - 10-06-2002

Being a freelance writer, I am touchy on the subject of writing for free (the free in freelance refers to "being unallied," and not "free to be abused").

I am amazed that publications in the business of selling words say they start their operations with no budget for writing, which provides the product: words. It's like starting a retail wine business and then asking the suppliers to provide the product for free so that you can make a profit without having expenses.

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