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- winoweenie - 05-06-2005 05:52 PM

Maybe after a few weeks of sabbatical I read sugar into saccarine but, IMHO this is the best Calif "Super Tuscan' from any producer I've encountered. This beautifully balanced wine shows off what Sangoivese can become in Napa under the eye of a super winemaker like Heide Barrett. Deep brite ruby, loads of aromatics and an entry that couldn't be smoother. This young pup has potential out the papoose but is delicious rite now. 80% Sangiovese and 20% Cabernet there was only 880 cases produced. Loads of silky tannios will carry this bugger another 7-10 and should hold till long after most opf us will own it. Kick-Patootie Juice. Slightly pricy but still a bargain. 47 by the box.14.9% alc. 91/90 WW

- winoweenie - 06-16-2011 04:08 PM

Had forgotten about this hummer as it was in ther back of the jernt but pulled another for lunch yesterday. Time has been kind to this dude. Nose evolving swimmingly with a touch of sangio funk that adds interest. Still some tough tannins lurking but give this another 3-5 and kick back! Too bad the Showkets have decided to lay low for a while but this outstanding property could produce good juice even with Guissepe and his dancing monkey making the wine. WW

- winoweenie - 08-24-2011 11:18 PM

Woosie!!! This be one super bottle of stuff!!!!!!! Was stumbling around the back of the cellar and saw this. I swear this could easily be be mistaken for one of them Antonori thingies. One of the better drinks I've had this month. WW