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- FREDERICK SHEPARD - 06-18-1999 10:45 AM

Recently I tasted a great chardonnay by Bolleni or Bollini, in Cleveland, Ohio and I thought it was a great. When I found out it was from Italy, I was suprised a white wine coming from that region was so good. I'm having a hard time finding it here and was wondering if anyone was familiar with the name.

- misterjive - 06-28-1999 12:20 PM

Do not be surprised by great Italian chardonnay. Silvio Jermann produces some spectacular unoaked offerings; his vintage Tunina is one of the best chards I have ever tasted...very complex, and because of the absence of oak, refreshing in many ways.

- Jason - 06-28-1999 07:51 PM

Welcome back to Misterjive. I knew you would be on the Italian Chard thing. Although I have never tried them, I've heard Gaja makes some great stuff as well.