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- wondersofwine - 09-27-2010 01:08 PM

This was an unusual Chardonnay. The question mark is because I am wondering if this was oxidized. I had a glass of this at the recommendation of the server at Il Palio Restaurant in the Siena Hotel, Chapel Hill, to go with tagliatelle with black truffle pesto and the bottle could have been open for a while. The wine had a burnished old gold color which seemed dark for a 2008 vintage. I asked the server he said the wine distributor said the color had something to do with the malolactic fermentation and he also said it was fermented in stainless steel. Although I suspected that it might be slightly oxidized, the wine had an interesting taste with petrol or lanolin on the nose and a bit of green apple. Transparent in the glass. Acidic and a bit pungent.

I ordered a glass of Aqua Pumpkin Pinot Noir to go with the next course and that will be in the Pinot Noir thread.