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- robm - 06-27-2001 08:29 PM

We have saved a bottle of 1986 Gaja Barbaresco Sori San Lorenzo since receiving it as a wedding gift.
The vintage only produced 10,600 bottles, 250 magnums and 50 double magnums. The bottle has a registration number on it.

Can anyone advise where I can find a review of this wine or let me know when to drink it.

Thank you.

- Thomas - 06-28-2001 11:45 AM

Seventeen years should be enough for it to have melded nicely.

- robm - 06-29-2001 08:26 AM

Thank you.
Would this bottle have any significant monetary value?

- Thomas - 06-30-2001 03:21 PM

Drink it. Even if it has monetary value it will not make you rich, but the experience of a great Barbaresco (if it is a great one) certainly will make you happy.

- Innkeeper - 06-30-2001 03:54 PM

Money begets fear;
Great wine begets love;
Love is the absence of fear;
Love is leaving fear behind.

- robm - 07-02-2001 05:01 PM

The Barbaresco was wonderfull. Full bodied, mellow but hard to determine actual flavors.
Well worth the wait .

Thank you for your support.