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- Kcwhippet - 02-09-1999 03:44 PM

A wine shop I frequent is having a "February Super Sale" on a number of Italian wines. I know next to zip about them, so I'm hoping some of you out there can further an opinion. Here's the list, including prices:

97 Umani Ranchi Casal di Serra $7.99
96 Cason Hirschprunn Pinot Grigio $9.59
97 Otella Lugana $7.19
97 Straccali Chianti DOCG $4.19
96 Contratto Barbera D'Asti $7.99
97 Le Bocce Chianti $7.99
95 Cesari "Liano" $14.39
95 Villa Pillo Syrah $11.19
97 Erik Banti Carato $7.99
97 Bertani Valpolicella $10.39

I figured it was about time I expanded my wine horizons, and these prices look really good (if the wines are worth it).

Thanks, in advance, for any input.

- Jerry D Mead - 02-09-1999 08:01 PM

I've asked our resident Italian expert to check check back soon. In fact, I just thought of another Ey-talian expert...I'll e-mail him for help as well.

Check back.


- Iggywine - 02-10-1999 12:12 AM

Wow - At Jerry's request, I checked out your list, and you've got some wonderful wines AND prices here...
Umani Ronchi - This is a wonderful producer and a wonderful wine - I remember I've had it and enjoyed it, don't remember the grapes!
Hirschprun Pinot Grigio - This is from the Trentino region, and a very good producer (Alois Lageder). A definite buy.
Lugana - Don't know this producer, but the wine is basically like a light Soave, very pleasant, and usually somewhat fruity (not sweet - fruity!)
Straccali Chianti - Used to sell this, and still love it!! A great value, especially from this vintage - it will actually improve with age! Another incredible value from this vintage is the Antinori Santa Cristina 1997 - it's a stunning wine for usually around $6 or $7 a bottle.
Contratto Barbera - a very good producer and another very good value at this price. Remember, 1997 is the Italian vintage of the century - so what if it took them 97 years to learn the trick the French have used 3 times a decade?????
Le Bocce - don't know this one, or the Villa Pillo Syrah - but why buy Italian syrah when you can get Australian?
Finally, the Bertani Valpolicella is also another nice wine - a bit lighter bodied, but still quite enjoyable. Might be a bit tart unless you have it with pizza or other Italian food!
George aka Iggywine