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- newsguy - 02-23-2001 12:52 PM

this came recommended from the wine shop that i frequent, so i gave it a shot.

nose of raspberry along with a very STRONG scent of alcohol. i thought that odd for a pinot noir. taste of raspberry, a little vanilla and the highest acidity i've ever come across. i mean this stuff practicaly felt like it was bubbling on my tongue! after a night with the vacu-vin, this wine was softer the next day, and the acid level seemed to have toned down but was still way too high for my taste.

i won't be buying any more of this, and at $11.99 a bottle you might not want to either.

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- Scoop - 02-23-2001 04:20 PM

I haven't had the 1999 yet, but normally the Echelon Central Coast is a decent bottling, especially taking into account the QPR. Maybe you got a bad bottle?

I'll try one if I come across it just to check.