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- dananne - 06-13-2009

I looked through the threads using the search feature, but I couldn't seem to locate any notes on this one, which is odd, as we've enjoyed many through the years. Anne bought me a case for a wedding anniversary several years ago. We've always found them wonderful, among the best wines that we've ever had, and so we cracked another a few days ago to celebrate our 14th anniversary.

It was as we remembered, with a dark garnet color with purple flashes, red berry and black cherry fruit flavors wrapped in pine needle and forest floor, with vanilla and spices on the finish. Some silky tannins and nice acidity complete the package. It's now showing some secondary characteristics, but it's nowhere near the down slope. Really wonderful stuff, so it's too bad that we're down to 4 bottles. Alc. 13.9%.. Not sure how much Anne paid, but they're currently running in the $40s. We've got '04s, '05s, '06s, and an '07 in the cellar, and we've also got 3 vintages of Dusky Goose, which she also makes. The above '02 was the first at her eponymous winery after she quit her day job making the wines at Rex Hill. We've loved just about every PN she's made ever since, and she does a credible job with her Viognier. We're less impressed by her Syrah, which tastes more like a Pinot, so pass on that one if you see it.

- TheEngineer - 06-14-2009

Thanks for first turning me onto this producer. I like her stuff as well!

- dananne - 11-08-2009

Anne got away from her job and the work we're doing to get the Atlanta house on the market, and she was up here in Missouri for the weekend. It was the first time we've seen one another in about 6 weeks, which has been tough. So, we cracked a bottle of this, which was one of the remaining bottles of a case she bought for me for a wedding anniversary several years ago.

This is really drinking wonderfully right now. The Oregon '02s continue to impress, to the point that we've tried to focus on getting the '03s consumed before going back to them. However, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a break from the '03s, which have not aged as well, probably due to the heat of the vintage. The '02s seem much more balanced and Burgundian, though a bit riper; they're more in line with what Oregon can produce in a good vintage year. If you've got '02 Oregon PN in the cellar, it's a great time to pop 'em.