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- TheEngineer - 12-06-2010 11:21 PM

Had friend fly in from SF so we used this as an opportunity to try a few Burgundies. Split into four flights (first one was whites. Lots of fun so some rather cryptic notes.

First flights: Cote de Beaune

1990 Leroy Marange: slighlty barnyard, rich, ripe, great balance but with short finish, wonderful given its pedigree.

2002 Louis Jadot Satenay “Clos de Malte”: rather typical of Satenay, crunchy fruit, lighter in nature, good acidity, lively still and performing well.

2002 Louis Jadot Pommard Rugien: Powerful fruit, ripe, rich, smooth though not as thick as say a comte armand. Young still.

2002 Joseph Voillot Pommard, Les Rugien: very different than the Jadot, mores structured, red crunchy fruit, picked before the Jadot vines? Perhaps less Pommard in nature than I would have expected given the vintage.

Flight 2 MSD
1997 Armand Demorey, Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru, “Clos des Ormes”: Great nose, aged, tobacco, dried fruits, mellow but on palate, clearly over the hill, no longer in balanced, more acidity than other components are able to hold up to

2003 G. Roumier, Morey Saint Denis, “Clos de la Bussiere” 1er Cru: Lush ripe nose, good attempt to bring into balance for the vintage but still some roasted notes, smooth, rich, long finish. Lovely still.

Flight 3 Cote de Nuit

1989 Domaine Ponsot Latricieres-Chambertain, Grand Cru: What a nose, great complexity, lovely balance, on the palate much the same, smooth, cedar, tobacco, some dried fruit and herbs, medium body, long persistence. Lovely but I suspect more advanced than its age due to poor storage (before I bought this).

2002 Domain Lignier-Michelot Chambolle Musigny Vielles Vignes: Another rich, smooth, fruit forward wine which has decent structure, still very young...(side bar, good 02's are still not ready to drink).

2002 Domaine Jean et Jean-Louis Trapet, Gevrey-Chambertain 1er Cru Clos Prierur: decanted: still tight and grippy, good floral nose, red and darker fruits, lovely structure, and too early [img]/ubb/smile.gif[/img]