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- Bucko - 07-02-2000 09:32 AM

This is the first bottle of this wine that I have opened, usually giving it ample bottle time. That said, I really don't know what to make of this wine.

Earthy aromas lead to a host of black fruit flavors, with mushroom/forest floor notes, tannins that have softened to a pleasurable level, and a sense of overall balance,
oak not being a prominent player. The wine drank well with dinner, but a small amount left over seemed to have fallen apart a couple of hours later.

It seemed to have "the right stuff" upfront, but I'm not sure that I will let this one lay around much longer????


- Randy Caparoso - 07-08-2000 04:54 PM

Had a great dinner with Mark Vlossak, St. Innocent's proprietor/winemaker, last month, Bucko. Brought out PNs going back to '89. Can I get back to you on this?

- Bucko - 07-08-2000 06:19 PM

I would certainly appreciate it, RC.