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- wondersofwine - 08-07-2006

Dananne reported on the 2004 vintage and WW may have already posted a note on this one.
Over three nights. Best the first night.
14.5% alcohol. $46 plus shipping charges.
Dark purple color, nearly opaque. Forms legs on the side of the glass. Nose and flavors of dark berry fruits including black raspberry. Good mouthfeel with chewy texture. Not a dainty style of Pinot Noir--rich and powerful. Aromas reach up into nasal passage. Something of a fruit bomb but attractive on its own. Might pair with spicy duck or rabbit with blackberry sauce.

- winoweenie - 04-27-2008

Thot I'd posted on this also but couldn't find it so will add me notes, dull as they be, to the brilliant ones we expect from and get from the mity WOW girl. Dark ruby to almost purple in the glass with no sign of bricking. Nose has developed nicely with loads of black cherries, rasp and huckle berries, sweet spice and just a tad of barney loam. All hit the tongue sprinting with the addition of bacon fat. Solid entry, weighty center, and a 4 lapper finish. Seems to be dead OTTOIG. Not for the burgandy afficianados. 91/90 43.14.5% alc. WW

- winoweenie - 01-04-2009

Opened another of these yesterday after the game and either my tasters' gone a bit haywire or this sucker has started sliding down the mountain. Not gone, bad, or undrinkaable, just seemed to be a little less fruit forward, more restrained, and slightly more aciditic than I remembered. Maybe I was too euphoric to properly evaluate it. Wont alter the score till I open another bottle. WW