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- dananne - 07-16-2006 10:01 AM

This is the first Sea Smoke we've tried, and we killed the baby so that we would know how to approach future orders from the winery, as we just landed on the mailing list this past spring. This is a gorgeous wine, and what I particularly liked about it is that it was large without the fruit flavors turning over to the stewed or jammy flavors, or without compromising the body and texture of the wine. This was a PN. Decanted 30 minutes before 1st pour and through evening. Dark garnet in color. Aromas and flavors of cherry and cinnamon, with just a whiff of clove and smoke and some red spices on the finish. The 14.7% alc. was felt with just a bite on the back of the throat on the finish, and it was felt when the bottle was empty, though it isn't a hot wine at all. Very, very good wine. Will sit on our remaining Southings for another year or so, then will pop them over the next 3-6. When asked for comment to add to this, Anne said, "It was good." Now I know what the fuss was about with Sea Smoke. They know their stuff. $49 by mailing list.

- winoweenie - 07-16-2006 05:32 PM

Having been an advocate of this marvelous property since their 1st release I found after tasting the 1st bottle it couldn't do ennythin but git better. Their 10 compares with all of the finest American Pinots I've experienced and the Botella is probably one of the best P/Q values on the horizon. Beautiful wines from a beautiful property made by a meticulously proficient winemaker. Covet them suckers. WW

- dananne - 05-19-2007 09:24 AM

Wanted to revisit this before making decisions on the '05 allocation. Again, wonderful. Tasting note remains mostly the same, though the little bite of heat on the finish has vanished, and there is now a somewhat meaty element, sort of like bacon fat, that is just adding even more complexity. Yummy while sitting outside in beautiful Atlanta spring weather on a Friday night.

- winoweenie - 05-19-2007 10:03 AM

Well said and let me know if there's enny of yourn' allocation youse done want. WW [img][/img]

- oostexan - 05-19-2007 05:20 PM

I bought my entire allocation without hesitation. I wish I could get more, but this is only my second vinatage on their list so I still only get 6 bottles.

- Kcwhippet - 05-19-2007 08:48 PM

You can have all of my allocation, if you want it, WW.

- winoweenie - 05-20-2007 07:32 PM

Thanks KC. I ordered 18 bottles besides my allocation from Vintage. If something comes up I'll let you know. BPR, WW

- newsguy - 05-27-2007 11:26 PM

KC: i've always wanted to try some sea smokes, but have never gotten my greasy mitts on any. shoot me an e-mail if any of your allocation's still available: keithrstclair at ya hoo dot com

thank you, sir.

- Kcwhippet - 05-28-2007 04:13 PM

Keith, I'll email you later, but here's the scoop (newspaper jargon - right?). I have a C4 allocation which is 1 Botella (at $39) 4 Southing (at $49) and 1 Ten (at $69). So, if you want the whole thing, it works out to $304. Then there's shipping. They ship to DC and VA, but not Maryland, by FedEx Ground, Express 2 Day or Overnight - your choice. They now have a distributor in MA, so I can get the wine from the shop cheaper, so I don't need my allocation anymore. Let me know.

- Kcwhippet - 05-30-2007 09:48 AM


Sent you two emails. Have you received either yet?