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- Bucko - 07-11-1999 03:25 PM

In a continuing birthday celebration, we had friends Mitch and Julie Stevens over for dinner and wines last night. It is a real pleasure to share wines with people who have an appreciation for them. Several wines were opened over the course of the evening, but we awaited the main course of medium-rare beef tenderloin with green peppercorn sauce to open the big reds. The 1985 Phelps Insignia was opened first and it was lovely. Still youthful, with deep black fruit, eucalyptus, and soft tannins rolled into a nice package. I am glad that I opened this first because the 1982 Latour came next. As good as the Insignia was, the Latour literally devastated it. I cannot imagine how a wine can be any better -- absolutely stunning. Deep complex fruit, perfect balance, moderate but silky tannins, a long, luscious aftertaste -- a 100 point wine if there ever was one.

We finished the evening with a turine of layered fruit sorbets and a wine that Mitch brought, 1995 JJ Prum Auslese Gold Kap. Yes, it was baby killing, but we wanted to try it before purchasing more. This is a winner! Great fruit, already developing slate and petrol flavors, with great structure and acidity. A definite buy.