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- Catch 22 - 05-08-2000 07:58 AM

Dishes like this one always drive me crazy. Whenever there are seemingly conflicting components, I sometimes feel completely clueless with regard to wine. The stuffed and wrapped shrimp are simply sauteed in olive oil, and oh yeah, we add a few simple herbs to the goat cheese, but they don't dominate or overpower the other flavors.

- Innkeeper - 05-08-2000 02:08 PM

Would go with an Italian Pinot Negro; excuse me, forgot the new PC term is Pinot Nero. In a pinch Ecco Domani puts out a pretty good one, but a good Italian Wine shop should have a better choice or two.

- mrdutton - 05-08-2000 07:29 PM

To my way of thinking, shrimp are kinda like chicken - they are wine neutral to some extent as long as you lean toward a white. The iodine in shellfish does not go well with most red wines.

So to define the wine that goes with the dish, one must think of the other flavors and I think that the goat cheese would be the predominate flavor above and beyond the shrimp.

My thought then went toward a good Sauvignon Blanc. Try a Pouilly-Fume from France or a young sauvignon blanc from New Zealand or South Africa.

The other wine that came to mind was a Kabinett Riesling.

Editing note: If anyone saw cab here instead of sauvignon blanc, it was your imagination playing tricks with my fingers. Sorry....... [img][/img]

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- Thomas - 05-09-2000 08:57 AM

Pinot Bianco from Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region or an American Pinot Blanc that is not beat up with oak and has a creamy texture.

- hotwine - 05-09-2000 03:41 PM

Hmmm. Not being familiar with the Pinot Nero or Pinot Blanc, I'd go with the Sauvignon Blanc, as nominated by Mrdutton. As he noted, it's neutral, and therefore has the best chance of complementing both the cheese and the shrimp without overwhelming either.

- hotwine - 05-09-2000 03:57 PM

(Looks like Mrdutton said the shrimp is kinda wine neutral, not the Sauvignon Blanc is neutral.....Oh, well.)

- mrdutton - 05-09-2000 07:39 PM

Yes, that is what I opined. I feel that shrimp, somewhat like chicken, can be wine neutral. Therefore, match the wine to the most significant nuance used to flavor the shrimp.

And heaven forbid......... When I marinate my shrimp in Jack Daniels instead of wine or spices, I recommend drinking beer with the shrimp after they've been steamed. (It is a backyard thing..........)

- Catch 22 - 05-09-2000 07:46 PM

Uh Oh! My mistake. It is now glaringly obvious to me that I should have mentioned that the prosciutto and goat cheese are the dominant flavors duking it out, with the shrimp more in the background. Sorry, all.

- Bucko - 05-09-2000 08:18 PM

Pardon me, nothing personal, but the dish sounds horrid to me..... but then I am not a fan of anything but the shrimp.


- winecollector - 05-10-2000 06:12 AM

Gee, I hate to have to follow a comment like Bucko's, but I had something similar a couple of weeks ago. I think it was some type of seafood alfredo, a buddy of mine made it. I dug out a bottle from Austria for the occasion, a Grunner/ Veltliner from 1994. It was a wonderful white that was a perfect match. While I'm normally partial to Sauvignon Blanc, this other Austrian wine really impressed me.

- Jason - 05-10-2000 04:26 PM

Thank you, Bucko. For a minute there, I thought I was the only one. Two very distinct flavors and they have to bury the flavor of the shrimp. Oh well, to each his own.

- mrdutton - 05-11-2000 06:37 PM

Quite frankly, I have to agree.

Although the thought of stuffing shrimp with a little bit of spiced goat cheese sounds interesting, I'd rather not include the prosciutto (you don't want to know what I thought that meant when I was much younger!).

However, the ham with the spiced goat cheese would be a really good combination......

Split the dish up a bit. Serve shrimp stuffed with goat cheese. Also serve goat cheese wraped with prosciutto.

Match all that with a bubbly or some sauvignon blanc............

- Catch 22 - 05-12-2000 08:15 PM

Quite honestly, I am very insulted. I really am not concerned with how anyone else feels about my taste in food. I like what I like, whether or not anyone else cares for it. But in all the time I have spent reading postings on this board (much longer than I have been registered here), I don't recall anyone taking this kind of sh** for a recipe, or for much of anything else. All I wanted was a simple recommendation of a wine. Was it too much to ask that if you don't like the food involved, that you just skip the posting and move along to the next one? I came here to this board because I liked the non-snob attitude that was here. People asked about pairing foods with white zin and they weren't laughed at, they were welcomed. No more I guess. It just isn't worth it to me. Goodbye.

- Bucko - 05-12-2000 08:59 PM

Talk about wearing your feelings on your sleeve! No one was insulting whatsoever. You need to reread the replies. Holy Hannah!! Everyone is entitled to their opinions here, as long as they are not personally insulting.


- Randy Caparoso - 05-13-2000 03:52 AM

Dude! You got a lot of great answers! What more do you want? We can't exactly scratch your back. That's your dates' jobs! Just roll with it, okay?

Sauvigon Blanc, Gruner Veltliner... whatever. Enjoy life, and enjoy the company of fellow food and wine lovers!

- mrdutton - 05-13-2000 05:59 AM


We agree!........................ (amazing)

- Thomas - 05-13-2000 03:15 PM

Wow! That came out of nowhere. Catch, what happened?

And think of all those insults I took from Bucko. Maybe I should ask for my money back.

Now Randy is another story. He and I ALWAYS agree, with courtesy, of course.

- Drew - 05-13-2000 10:32 PM

....and don't forget me....I'm still hanging around enjoying the board even after giving away the answers to Matthew! (some anyway)


- Jason - 05-14-2000 03:59 AM

Wow, indeed. As I reread the comments, I don't see any malice in the bunch, just the voicings of opinion.
Relax, have a glass of wine, and know that no insult was intended.

- Bucko - 05-14-2000 04:44 AM

Now listen to Foodie -- I treat him like a King and he treats me like a Prince -- here Prince, here Prince, come on boy..... (gasp)