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- brian2001 - 07-06-2000 09:37 AM

As a long term resident of Hanoi, I am interested in the recent joint venture that has brought a bordeaux and a wide variety of other French wines to Vietnam at a significant discount. Normally, the tariffs are fairly stiff, now that Vietnam has cracked down on smuggling, not to mention the problem of not knowing what conditions the wine has been shipped under. Any comments from those who know what this is all about would be appreciated.

Thank you.

- winoweenie - 07-06-2000 03:05 PM

Brian, welcome to the board. Sounds like one heck of a chance for black-marketing. Champagnes have been re-sold on the secondary market for umpteen yars. Keep us posted on priceing . We mite set up a distribution network. Winoweenie