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- RICARDO EVERSBUSCH - 07-05-2000 05:49 PM

Is anyone familiar with this winery?

Can not find any reviews on it anywere on the web.

1995 for st. emilion should be a good vintage to by an cellar for a while no?

- Bucko - 07-05-2000 06:26 PM

If you are referring to Chateau Calon Segur, it is a Saint-estèphe property. 1995 was pretty good.....


- RICARDO EVERSBUSCH - 07-06-2000 12:16 PM


I think this Chateau Calon (not segur) is a different winery, but I wanted to know if anyone knew if there was any relationship between the two. Because if so this might be a great Find.
Know anyone who might know?

- winoweenie - 07-06-2000 02:59 PM

Rich, did you make this post somewqhere else? I answered this sucker somwheres. Winoweenie