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- Bucko - 04-04-1999 09:30 PM

Fabulous right now. Very balanced, light to moderate tannins, nice black fruit, chocolate, leather, all of the adjectives...... drained to the last drop. Has a few years of life left in it but why wait?


- Van The Man - 04-07-1999 07:23 AM

>>Has a few years of life left in it but why wait?<<

I frequently ask myself the same question Bucko....why wait?

And the beautiful part about this wine is that you prolly paid, what, $20 tops for it back in '91 or '92? <sigh>

- Bucko - 04-07-1999 08:47 AM

I think that I paid $25 - as the old adage about hindsight being foresight goes, I would have purchased 3 or 4 cases.