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- Bucko - 09-10-2000 06:16 PM

Celebrating passing the re-certification boards in Family Practice (a traumatic experience), we popped and pulled corks last night.

The 1988 Lasalle Cuvee Angeline Champage was first in the line-up, accompanied with a hot crab cheesecake. Always a favorite, the wine is loaded with toasty, honey and white peach flavors, lovely balance, and a creamy mouthfeel. The bottle died a noble death.

Next came the 1990 Grand Mayne Saint Emilion, to help wash down some medium-rare, dead cow. Very approachable now, but with a long life ahead of it, this wine is a QPR standout. A beautiful nose, impeccible balance, luscious dark fruit, silky tannins, and a very long, rich aftertaste all combine to make a terrific wine. The bottle went down swinging.

Finally, a glass of Hennessy XO Cognac helped to warm the soul on a cool, damp Seattle night. A fitting end to a lovely evening.


- mrdutton - 09-10-2000 06:24 PM

A very nice evening, indeed. Especially after a trying time.

Congratulations on the re-cert! Thank-you for sharing your menu with us. Yummmmmm, yummmmm, feed me!

- Innkeeper - 09-10-2000 06:26 PM

Congratulations, and sounds like a truly wonderful repast.

- Bucko - 09-10-2000 07:58 PM

Thank you, gentlemen. It is a load off of the shoulders.

We are continuing the celebration tonight with Crispy Thai Basil Shrimp (one of my favorites) accompanied by 1994 Zind-Humbrecht Gewurztraminer, Herrenweg de Turckheim. What a beautiful, full-bodied, powerhouse Gewurzt. This wine is what it is all about for me personally (as far as white wines go). Loaded with intense, luscious, lychee fruit and honeyed flavors, with a lovely finish that goes on forever.


- hotwine - 09-11-2000 10:58 AM

Congrats, Buck, on both the re-cert AND the celebrations!

- Jackie - 09-11-2000 12:44 PM


Congratulations on getting through the ordeal. Keep on celebratin'.

TWC would be happy for you too.


- Bucko - 09-11-2000 05:42 PM

Thanks Jackie, Hotwine. Now, back to that stack of samples piling up.......


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