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- chickin1976 - 03-10-2004 11:56 PM

I have a bottle of wine that my mother gave me that they have had for a long time. I have already looked on, I would like to know more about it and if it is of any value. Could you give me some advice, or other web sites?

it is a bottle of Baron Philippe Rothschild 1969 Appellation St. Emilion Red Bordeaux thankyou!

- Tastevin - 03-11-2004 08:16 AM

Hello Chickin1976. Re your bottle of Baron Philippe Rothschild. Property was once known as Mouton d’Armailhacq. Bought byBaron Philippe in the 1930’s who changed it’s name to Mouton Baron Philippe in the 1950’s. Name was changed again in the 1975’s to Mouton Baronne Philippe as a tribute to his wife’s memory. Actually it is not from St. Emilion but Pauillac. Sorry, but I would give up any hope you may have had of the wine being any good. I remember this wine and vintage well and it was very poor to say the least. However, this news may not be all bad. The wine is rare and there are collectors around who will buy wines not to drink, but because of historical interest or to perhaps complete a collection. If it were mine I would have a word with an auction house/s that specialises in wine. They will have a good idea as to its auction value, if any, I’m sure. If that draws a blank, try putting it on Ebay. T

- Thomas - 03-11-2004 09:04 AM

I'm curious chikin: did you read the St Emilion appellation from the label?

- chickin1976 - 03-11-2004 11:50 PM

Thank you so much for responding with all the information. I was curious b/c I know that Rothchild is a well known name in wine. Too bad it may not be so tasteful. To answer your question, the label does say St. Emilion in big letters (like its the name of the wine) and underneath in tiny letters it says appellation st. emilion controlee. Where do you go to get all of your information?

- chickin1976 - 03-11-2004 11:53 PM

tastevin- thank you for responding to me, you are actually the first to. I went to the Baron Philippe de Rothschild website and asked the question twice and have had no reply yet so far. I appreciate it

- Tastevin - 03-12-2004 09:07 AM

Good question Foodie. I rather thought Chickin had got the region wrong; I know, I know, at my age I should know better than to assume!
Hello Chickin. From what you say about the words ‘St. Emilion’ appearing to be the name of the wine, it seems that you haven’t got a bottle of Baron Philippe Rothschild 1969 at all but a far less interesting generic red Bordeaux from St. Emilion that was ‘handled’ in some way by Baron Philippe (not personally, you understand). What else does it say on the label please? T.

- chickin1976 - 03-12-2004 11:13 AM

this is it from top to bottom:

Baron Philippe
baron philippe de rothschild
appellation st. emilion controlee
red bordeaux wine product of france
baron philipe de rothschild S.A.
negociants a pauillac gironoe
mis en bouteilles dans nos chais
munson shaw co.
sole u.s. agents


- Thomas - 03-12-2004 02:32 PM

It appears the wine is a St Emilion that was likely negotiant-ed (is there such a word?) by the Baron's company from Pauillac.

If so, I doubt it is worth much at all.

- Tastevin - 03-13-2004 12:49 PM

Hello Chickin. Okay, what you have is a generic wine made somewhere in the St. Emilion area in 1969 from grapes of that year grown in that area. Subsequently purchased in cask by the Baron’s company (negociants) and bottled in their cellars (mis en bouteilles dans nos chais). Later imported into the States by Munson & Shaw. Quality is decidedly worse than I’ve previously said . You may find some nut willing to buy it through an auction. T