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- Innkeeper - 01-25-2001 08:54 PM

This could have been posted under Australia or Best Buys, but wanted all the chardonnayphobes to see this. 1999 Banrock Station, Unwooded, South Eastern Australia, Chardonnay; $6.99 ($5.59 in a mixed case from Tansa in Fall River). It was slighty floral on the nose, with sweet grapefruit up front, a couple of layers of varietal complexity on the palate, and smooth and lingering on the finish. But that hardly tells the story; this was a great wine. The description of the Kim Crawford by Bucko could almost describe this wine too, at more than twice the price. We had it both before and after dinner along with the meal of broiled haddock with butter and paprika, and a salad bulked up with avocado to neutralize the acid that no chardonnay could handle. The Banrock was wonderful all along the way.

Banrock Station seems passionate about this wine, although wouldn't be surprised if they put out an oaky one to balance the books. This one has the words "Unwooded" repeated all around the outside of the front label. On the back label is this statement that says it all: "It's simple really. You start with rich fertile soil, into this you plant vine cuttings of noble pedigree. Nature adds water and sunlight. The vines bear fruit. The fruit is picked with winemaker's care is crushed and fermented. And then you enjoy it. Made without the use of oak to ensure maximum fruit flavor and varietal freshness. This wine displays ripe tropical fruit and creamy texture."

All this at $3 less than a Maconnaise!

- Drew - 01-25-2001 09:09 PM

IK, you sold me! Gonna go out and find some....all aboard!!!!!!


- mrdutton - 01-25-2001 09:15 PM

Oh yeah, where can I get this stuff. This beats WW's rantings about SW's all to H... (Heck).


- Livvy - 01-26-2001 01:18 PM

For those who can get their hands on BC Okanagan wines -- try Quails Gate Alison Ranch Unwooded Chard. At CDN$8.95 a bottle and a Bronze medal winner at the Okanagan wine festival, it is one of the best steals in BC wines this year! (Oh, it's yummy too...!)

- cpurvis - 01-29-2001 12:18 AM

Livvy, unfortunately (especially at that price) "those who can get their hands on" your rec. Chard will likely be north of the border. A few of us in the NW US were recently lamenting the atrocious lack of access to Okanagan wines in our markets. Send a few truckloads south & we'll have at 'em fer sure! cp

- barnesy - 03-21-2001 11:08 PM

Finally got around to buying the 99 banrock station unwooded chard. Very nice, like the upfront fruit with the slightly oily finish. Definitely worth the 6 bucks.

Suggested a friend order it. He was talking with Popswine and they told him they aren't making the unwooded anymore. If this is true, then thats too bad.

Good cheap suggestion, thanks guys.


- Bucko - 03-22-2001 12:47 AM

That's just like IK -- tease us with a wine that is no longer made.... git a rope boyz.


- Innkeeper - 03-22-2001 07:16 AM

If that is news is true, it is too bad because the Banrock is or was a great value. Right now am up to my neck in unwooded chardonnay. There are three or four more from Oz at Pops, recently received a half case of Tobin James' Radiance, a wonderful oak free chardonnay, and more and more Maconnaise is turning up in local stores. Only problem is at restaurant, but we are least working on the local ones. Almost every place that serves seafood, has Pinot Grigio these days, and that's a great alternative. Since we drink nine bottles of red to each white, it will be awhile before we miss the Banrock if it is gone.

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- Innkeeper - 05-03-2001 07:11 AM

Asked the folks at Banrock Station why the Unwooded Chardoanny was distributed everywhere they distribute except in the U.S.A., and this is the answer I got:

"Thank you for your interest in Banrock Station Wines. Banrock Station now offers a Chardonnay that is aged in wood, but still is fresh and fruit-driven in style. The label simply reads Banrock Station Chardonnay. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy this award- winning wine as much as other Banrock Station wines in the past. Thanks again for your support."

Reminds me of replys we get from our congressional delegation. What we called in the military, "Bed bug replys."

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- Innkeeper - 05-03-2001 01:26 PM

It gets even better. Went back to them and asked for a clarification, since I knew that the Unwooded was still being distributed in Australia, Canada, and Great Britain. Here is how they responded:

"The Banrock Station (wooded) Chardonnay is also distributed in Canada, Europe, and Asia. The wine won a gold medal in the London Wine Trade Fair, which spurred us to import it into the USA. To relieve confusion, we only are importing one Chardonnay into the USA. Since the launch of the Banrock Station Chardonnay, it has received great press, including a "Best Buy" from the Wine Spectator magazine. The wine receives very little time in oak and has great fruit flavor and a crisp acidity, a combination that creates a balanced wine. I hope I have answered your question sufficiently. Thanks again for your interest in Banrock Station Wines."

- winoweenie - 05-03-2001 03:49 PM

Slep with dogs, wake up wif' woodie. WW

- winecollector - 05-03-2001 07:12 PM

Hey Innkeeper! Try that trick of yours of putting the clothesline around the neck of the bottle, and swinging it around over your head a few times. That should help the lumber settle at the bottom of the bottle, and you can quickly pour off the S.W. stuff before it has a chance to mix back in....