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- IVYCHEF - 01-01-1999 07:11 PM

I posted this one "the other board", but will also do so here.

After feeding the masses last night, it was time for a little celebration. With oysters, pate' and a few other goodies, we had..

'88 Perrier Jouet: Medium straw color. The nose was very fruity - dominating the usual yeast like aromas in sparklers. The flavors were wonderful: green apple, pear, lemon and a bit of mango(?) overshadowing the toasty bread notes. Medium body and good acidity. People who "don't like dry Champagne" liked this. This had to be the most fruit oriented champagne I've had.

1982 Perrier Jouet: A little darker than the aforementioned. Totally different. Nose of brioche dough rising - butter, dough,lemon\under ripe pineapple...just a certain richness. Flavors were brioche toast and smooth creamy citrus. Slightly bigger bodied than the '88. Long finish. Went well with the pate'.

I don't know how the '82 was in its youth compared to how the '88 drinks now. but if the '88 turns into the '82, I'm hanging on to my mag of '88. Both were really good in their own way.

1992 Drouhin Corton Charlemagne: Interesting nose as it had sort of that riesling petrol thing going on, but it seemed to blow off. Medium full body. Creamy ripe green apples, pineapples, pears and vanilla with a good dose of acid. Almost seamless. Medium long finish. Beautiful Chard.