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- thewoodman - 11-09-2000 07:06 PM

Anybody out there had Valley of the Moon Cuvee de la Luna? I can get a great price on a case, and the bottle would make it a great XMAS gift for clients. Is the juice inside any good? Thanks.

- PortGal - 11-09-2000 07:45 PM

I've had the Valley of the Moon 1996 Cuvee de la Luna a couple of months ago and thought it was wonderful. Lots of black cherry and berries, little tobacco, nicely drinking.

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- RAD - 11-09-2000 07:52 PM

I was at Valley Of The Moon about 2 weeks ago. I tried the wine in question; don't have a TN, but remember it as unremarkable, though not unpleasant. Nice facility (the winery), though. I thought their Sangiovese and Zinfandel weren't too bad.


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