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- ashta2001 - 10-26-2000 08:43 PM

I was fortunate to be in the right place last week. My cousin gave me (2 bottles of 1991 groth reserve cab/ napa valley} (1 bottle of 1991 sonoma creek cab reserve/napa valley} (1 bottle of 1996 Pellegrini carignane old vines/ alexander valley}
Could someone please tell me what the prices would be if I were to have bought them. It would be greatly apreciated.

- winoweenie - 10-26-2000 09:07 PM

ashta2000, Welcome to the board. You have a very generous cuzzin`.The 2 bottles of Groth Reserve would have set you back between 125 and 150 per. The Sonoma Creek isn`t in that league and neither is the Pelligrini but I`m sure boyh would make for some interesting drinking. Get a friend, a significant other or any Alkie off the street and uncork them suckers. Have Fun. winoweenie