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- winoweenie - 03-05-2005 03:29 PM

Had the best,IMHO, under 20 buck wine since the 1975 Diamond Creeks were released. This lil' bugger buries the 02 Avalon. RUN, DON' JOG and see if it has hit your market yet. And now fer the name.....Joel Gott, 2003 California Cab. Blend 815. 16 here by the case. Have a standing order of 2 cases per month as long as the distributor has it and will decide how much 'afore the next vintage hits. WW

- hotwine - 03-05-2005 05:32 PM

Sure wish I had a responsive retailer.

- wondersofwine - 03-07-2005 10:01 AM

I find most Joel Gott wines to be good QPR. Will look for the Cabernet. Also prefer the Chateau St. Jean C.S. to Avalon at same price point (though Avalon isn't bad--I finished off a bottle of the 2002 last night with tacos).

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- Glass_A_Day - 03-07-2005 01:24 PM

Can't find it anywhere local. I will have to find out who they have for a distributor in MA and go from there. Maybe KC could help...

- Kcwhippet - 03-07-2005 03:45 PM

There is no distributor in MA. Closest is Skurnik who distributes in NY/NJ/CT. Best chance is to find a good shop down Enfield way and get some there.

- Glass_A_Day - 03-07-2005 04:17 PM

I was just thinking the same KC and upon checking their site, they don't list the Cabernet. I am about to drop them an email and see what's what.

- wondersofwine - 03-08-2005 11:14 AM

I have a bottle of the 2002 Cab on hand.

- newsguy - 03-08-2005 02:28 PM

WW: just found out my regular shop can order this for me at $192 per case. i get really nervous at the idea of buying a case of something that i've never even tried, but you sure give this a strong recommendation. guess i should go ahead and take the plunge, huh? but first wanted to check on the "blend 815" part. i asked for the "joel gott 2003 california cab." is "blend 815" something different?

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- winoweenie - 03-08-2005 06:24 PM

This is the particular blend for this bottling. I'd make sure it's it. WW

- newsguy - 03-10-2005 07:35 PM

just ordered a case. took the guy at the wine shop a while to nail it down, but this is the "815 blend". said he was told that moniker had something to do with this being the new area code up that way. regardless, i should have the wine in about a week. will quickly pop a bottle and post TNs.

thanks WW!

- winoweenie - 03-11-2005 08:03 AM

Give it a week to rest. Bemember the travel thingie. WW [img][/img]

- Glass_A_Day - 03-11-2005 08:15 AM

I tried everywhere and even wrote to the CT distributor. Never heard back. I guess I'll have to miss out on this one.

- Triple H - 03-11-2005 02:22 PM

Just Checked the website, and the 815 is in honor of their first daughters birthday. August 15th, 2003.

- newsguy - 03-14-2005 06:46 PM

thanks for the info, TripleH. i didn't see that on their web site.

WW: thanks for the reminder. i had forgotten cause i was getting it from the shop and only driving home with it. but of course, they will just have had it shipped to them from the distributor.

- Glass_A_Day - 03-14-2005 06:51 PM

I have a case on the way from NY.

- Glass_A_Day - 03-22-2005 12:58 PM

Hey WW, just got my case in and have put it to rest for a bit. My question is will this wine improve or is it pretty much ready to go out of the chute? If it's as good as you said I may pick up a second case for the future. I ended up at $190 shipped.

P.S. Have you tried the Zin? I read some good things about it but wouldn't order a case without a recomendation.

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- winoweenie - 03-22-2005 06:36 PM

GAD IMHO this is a wine to be consumed over the next 3-5. Try a bottle and post your comments. I've never tried his Zin but as accomplished a winemaker as Joel is, I'll look for it. WW

- Kcwhippet - 03-22-2005 09:45 PM

Had the Dillian Ranch - loved it - would buy it in a trice (or something like that).

- winoweenie - 03-23-2005 08:32 AM

KC isn't trice a third of a second? WW

- Kcwhippet - 03-23-2005 08:45 AM

Don't know about that, but it is a very short period of time.