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- winoweenie - 12-20-2002 07:13 PM

Took these 2 to my fav lunch counter today to call of my long sabbatical. Everyone was completely amazied at the yoputhfulness of the 88. This mediocre vintage produced mostly wines of forgettible quality. Looking back, I probably didn't buy a total of 3 cases of this vintage. This wine had marvelous aromas of violets, plums, dried cherries and a tad of vanilla. Beautifully balanced this hummer killed every rabbit in the hutch. The 91 Heitz Napa is still gettin' on its' git-along. Slightly more restrained than the Caymus it was great with the Turkey Pannini samich and kalmata olives. A tribute to the excellence of Charlies winemaking skills. Both wines scored in the excellent area. Hopefully some of you have these 2 babes residing in your ica'-boxa'. WW