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- RAD - 09-02-2001 06:57 PM

Picked up a few of these on over a year ago @ $35/per; one of my better purchases there (there have been some bad ones; I have since learned that provenance is guilty until proven innoncent).

Deep clear garnet. Plum, cedar, anise, and sage on the nose. Silky entry, lots of blackberry and plum fruit, and a pleasantly youthful streak of acidity. Very lush, fine tannins on the finish, with a touch of tobacco and leather. Aside from the anise on the nose, nothing overpowering, out of the ordinary, or out of place about this wine; powerful, yet elegant and refined as well. Wonderful. Alcohol 13.5%. #6616 of 18252 bottles. 94/94 as per Bucko's system.

Very nice with Amanda's ribeye steaks with vidalia gorgonzola sauce.


- winoweenie - 09-03-2001 09:03 AM

Rad, IMHO the 93 is the best from this venerable vineyard since the knock-out 77. I think I gave you an " atta-boy" when you first posted on this. I'll pull one next week. WW

- Bucko - 09-03-2001 10:29 PM

Sounds wonderful -- never had the wine.