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- Van The Man - 04-26-1999 07:46 AM

1996 Michael Pozzan Winery Cabernet Sauvignon; Napa Valley - $16.99

Deep, rich, dark plum and ruby color. Nose chocked full of bright, red cherry, enveloped with sweet cassis, vanilla, and a touch of smoke. On the palate, full, rich and sweet up front turns a bit tart mid palate. Plenty of good fruit with that “California sweetness” showing through. Maybe a bit too much oak for my preference but overall a good wine which is typical of the California style and ready to drink today as opposed to 5 years from now.

- Jerry D Mead - 04-26-1999 10:53 AM

Our judges at the 1999 New World International liked it too...picked up a silver medal.