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- Botafogo - 01-02-1999 11:53 PM

The Cape of Good Wines produces huge quantities of both unique and International Style wines, they are great values and they have such cool names! Several of the most memorable wines of the last year were from this beautiful zone: Rozendal Gold Reseerve '95, Mulderbosch Sauvignon Blanc and Faithful Hound Meritaaj, Grangehurst Pinotage........

- WA Wino - 01-03-1999 12:48 AM

Roberto, can't tell here if your tongue is in your cheek, but I would encourage us to go slowly on adding forums. There are a lot already, and micro-fragmenting them doesn't help. SA was not an area used much on AOL, and often the 'Other' area or the varietal forum will suffice. We can always add more later.

- Jerry D Mead - 01-03-1999 01:32 AM

Someone suggested a folder titled SOUTH/AFRICA/AMERICA //which would take care of S.A., plus Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. Would that work?


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- Dave - 01-03-1999 10:32 AM

Actually I thought I saw a South Africa/South America board when I first signed on. I dont see one now however. Also South Africa might go well with Aus./NZ since some of the wines are of the same character. Also I would agree with one of the other posts, I am the only one on the old boards who posted much on South Africa wines.

- CBailis - 01-03-1999 12:18 PM

Maybe it's because I associate S. Africa & N.Z with Sauvignon Blanc, but pairing it with the Oz/N.Z. file sounds fine to me. Southern Hemisphere might do just as well & avoid a lengthy, under-used list.

- Jerry D Mead - 01-03-1999 01:44 PM

I'll talk to Jackie about adding it to the down-under folder...and then what?...let South America stand alone?


- Botafogo - 01-03-1999 01:55 PM

Tongue in cheek?!?!?!? Seriously, SA is the only area outside of Europe with a mature wine industry: LOTS of established, paid for wineries, old vines (that were subjected to generations of trial and error as to what to plant where), and third and fourth generation winemakers. I'm not certain but don't they make more wine than California?

Ciao, Roberto

- Dave - 01-03-1999 08:49 PM

Carol might have the idea, S. Hem. might be the plan. most of these boards had little activity on the aol board but should not be left out. It is good to see S. Africa represented however. (Giveing Roberto a high five)